As the largest ‘piece of furniture’ in terms of surface area, a wooden floor fills your home life with warmth and ensures a sense of well-being in every room. As a healthy, sustainable, quality product, parquet gives us a sense of certainty that we’ve made the right choices for ourselves, our loved ones and the environment in the long term. And Boya display rack, in order to pass the warmth to everyone, launched a variety of wooden floor display rack; Display rack, not only for the display of a large number of wood floor contribution can not be ignored, the realization of visible, tactile, but also for the delivery of healthy, high-quality products. They are mutually reinforcing and inseparable.

What does the display stand give us?

Floorings Display Stand

1. To show

Floor of wood of the role of the display stand is one of packaging products, by displaying ark lighting effects, and through rotating, pull-push, flip open the way, we don’t damage the products on the basis of better display products, and advanced the appearance of more to attract customers attention, and through the wood floor display strong show effect greatly improve the customers desire to buy goods, It will greatly increase sales of exhibits for merchants.

2. To promote

Due to the beautiful and luxurious appearance design of wooden floor display rack, many businesses have realized that they can use display cabinets to promote the role of exhibits, so that more customers come to the store for consumption. The publicity role of ceramic display rack is also conducive to the rapid brand opening of businesses.

hardwood floorings display

3. To display

With the display function of wooden floor display rack, the exhibits can be easily touched and purchased by customers without damaging the products themselves, so as to reduce stereotype and increase sense of trust

4. To render

Wood floor display rack can achieve visible and tangible products, for the target group to establish a warm, infected shopping, entertainment, leisure, viewing place

How do you display wood flooring?

When decorating a showroom, how the wood floor product show better, this is something we have been very concerned about, and with The Times change, people gradually found that the exhibition stand is indispensable, because the exhibition stand HuanYang can show more products, the sample is very flexible, of course, different frames also have different characteristics, that how to choose the suitable ceramic tile exhibition stand?

Let Boya display rack company show you!

1. Rotating display rack

This is a highly practical exhibition frame, it shows the wood floor on both sides, clearly see the grain of the whole wood floor, neatly arranged way strongly attracted customers, and customers can also compare in many wood floors, choose their favorite wood floor.

rotating floorings display rack

2 .Pull-push display rack

This can be perfectly embedded in the wall, convenient for guests to pull out the wood floor for selection, hidden not only looks beautiful, but also increases the interaction with guests, guests are always looking forward to the next wood floor, can’t wait to open the next one, choose their favorite wood floor

Pull Push Floorings Parquet display

3 .Page-turning display rack

This style can also be perfectly embedded in the wall, or independent frame can be selected, turning left and right can increase the interaction with customers, a wooden floor in front of the guests, increase the desire to buy.

page-turning PVC floorings display racks

4 .Reclining display rack

By reclining the wood floor, guests can feel as if they are really stepping on the wood floor, which increases the experience of customers.

reclined floorings display racks