When you decide to update your tile display, there are three determining factors for ensuring the profitability of your samples: tile display design, capacity and experience.

The display is the meeting point with the client, and therefore, the key space that will allow you to achieve a positive and emotional impact so that the moment of truth can be translated into a sale.

At BOYA display racks we have dedicated the past 45 years to developing profitable displays and now we want to share with you the 3 basic principles to achieve an increase in sales and to make the most of that magic moment that you will share with your clients.

What factors influence the design of tile displays?

As we explained above, there are three elements that you must take into account if you want to update your tile display.

1. Tile showroom design with ideas that make it profitable

Start counting to ten when a client walks through your door. That is the time you have to create a positive impression and an impact that will win them over. Keep in mind that the value of a product can change depending on how you present it.

When it comes to updating your tile display, it is essential that you put your trust in a company that is can develop a unique design for your brand and is able to extol the virtues of your collections. That is exactly what we do here at BOYA

Maybe a tile display stands with a bespoke design, or one with racks for a tile store? Perhaps you are asking yourself this question. A combination of the two is ideal.

In our tile showroom displays catalogue, you will find over 1000 different items classified into different series depending on the type of tile you want to display.  Our tile displays can also be personalised in terms of colour, sample measurements, the number of pieces you want to include, etc.

We have a team of interior designers, architects, engineers and decorators that will work on your project. To guarantee the best results for you we will start by studying the products you sell and the way you work. By doing this, we collect valuable information that will help us to create a design that responds to your expectations and your needs.

At BOYA display racks, we know that only by working as a team with our clients will we achieve the best results. That is why we work side by side with you to prepare the first proposal and we commit to the project 100% to ensure that it complies with all your requirements.  

In this way, the integration of tile showroom displays is carried out in a completely natural way within the space you have available, thereby creating an excellent experience for the purchaser.

2. Capacity to display the tile samples

As you well know, there are thousands of tile collections on the market and the preferences of your clients may be very different, so it is essential that your display has a good capacity to house samples of different styles, formats and materials.

It may seem a little complicated to combine a design that has an impact with a good display capacity, but that is what we do at BOYA display racks.

Our expert design team will define the best solutions for your business based on the dimensions, the architectural structure, the type of product that you sell and your sales objectives.

In the end, we will create your display space with your brand and will guarantee considerable capacity for displaying the different tile collections, which you can group by style, materials, formats or trends. This will make it easier for you to suggest options to your clients that will truly win them over.

By displaying more products, you will satisfy the demand from a wider range of clients with which you can increase the volume of sales and average receipts. That is why, at BOYA display racks, we say that displaying is not the same thing as knowing how to display.

3. Experience in buying and selling

Experience in buying and selling is essential so that your client eventually purchases your products. An important consideration at the moment of truth is how they feel when visiting your display.

Our objective is always to create a sense of space and make it easy to organise. This way, your client will have a truly immersive experience and your sales team will be able to suggest the most suitable options every time without overloading or confusing the visitors.

As experts in the sale of tile displays, at BOYA display racks we guarantee excellence in the quality of our products. The tile samples need to be secured safely, the main focus should always be on your product, and the displays need to be comfortable to handle. All of this contributes to creating good experiences for buying and for selling.

Our customers love the quality and uniqueness of our products that help them stand out from a crowd. These products prove their caliber by their longevity, lasting for well over 20 years as proven by testimonials from our customers who are still proud owners of our older displays.

If, apart from having an excellent display, you offer the best service to your clients, you will not only succeed in getting them to make purchases, but also in recommending you and returning to your business.