There are many differents display racks suppliers in China, different structure, different size and also different raw material, when you want to open a tiles or floorings showroom, how to choose a durable display racks?

Below are 4 tips for your reference.

durable tiles display racks

1. The Size of the square tube

We use 60*60mm iron square pipe(different from the galvanized square pipes on the market), strong corrosion resistance, can withstand hot and cold temperature.

2. The thickness of square pipe

Most of the metal used in the market is 1.0-1.2mm thickness galvanized square pipes , but we use 2mm thickness seamless steel metal, strong bearing capacity, not easy to deformation, even can be used for up to 10 years.

2.0mm thickness seamless steel

3 .The paint baking process

There are a lot of impurities and oil on the surface of the square tube material. In order to ensure the smooth surface, we use 270 degrees high temperature paint, at least 10 times of polishing and spray painting each time, each spray layer needs to dry for at least 24 hours to polish again, and polishing requires 48 hours.

paint baking technology

4. Welding

The display rack welding using protection welding and ARGon-fluorine welding two processes combined processing, greatly reduce the welding point, welding surface smooth without impurities, and good connectivity, not easy to deformation

seamless welding technology