Turning page carpet roll storage racks With Handle Customized

Our Turning page carpet roll storage racks With Handle can accommodate a variety of rugs, from traditional Persian tapestries to contemporary rugs. Adjustable shelves allow you to display rugs in a variety of sizes and styles, ensuring a dynamic and visually appealing display.

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Turning page carpet roll storage racks With Handle Customized

Enhance your rug display with our Turning page carpet roll storage racks With Handle. These versatile racks are designed to display your rugs stylishly and provide customers with a convenient opportunity to browse and select the rug they want.

carpet roll storage racks With Handle


Tailored to your needs

Our Turning page carpet roll storage racks With Handle are designed to integrate seamlessly into your retail space, complementing your décor and enhancing the overall shopping experience. We offer a wide range of customization options, including:

  • Size & Fit: Choose the perfect size to accommodate your rug collection and fit into your available space.
  • Materials and Finishes: Choose from a variety of materials, including metal or wood, and choose a finish that matches your store’s aesthetic.
  • Handle style and location: Choose a handle that suits your preferences and position it for easy handling of your carpet.

Unleash your creativity

Our customization options extend beyond the physical structure of the rack. We can incorporate elements that reflect your brand image, such as logos, colors or custom designs.

Transform your rug display

Work with us to create a custom commercial carpet display with handles that perfectly complements your retail space and enhances your carpet display. Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship and customization ensures your rug gets the attention it deserves.

Commodity Information

Material Metal, plastic, wood, mdf or custom
Size 300*600/600*600/800*800/900*900/600*1200/1200*2400 (Customized)
Color Black, white, grey etc or custom
Usage Advertising, display, exhibition, promotion for tile
Surface Treament Polishing, powder coating, painting etc or custom
Sample Cost 3 times of quotation
Sample Time 7~10 days
Production Time 20~30 days
Packing Use bubble pack, stretch film, strong export carton and, pallet packing

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