Elegant Appearance Double Row Custom Stone Tile Rack Sliding

Introducing our Elegant Appearance Double Row Custom Stone Tile Rack Sliding – the epitome of sophistication in tile display. This innovative shelf blends elegant looks with functional design, providing a stunning platform to display your stone tiles in a captivating and impressive way.
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What is 3+4?

Elegant Appearance Double Row Custom Stone Tile Rack Sliding

Our Double Row Custom Stone Tile Rack Sliding racks are made with customization in mind. We understand the importance of expressing your unique style, and our hangers offer a variety of options for personalized display. From adjustable shelving configurations to custom finishes, this shelving ensures your stone tiles are displayed in a way that reflects the essence of your brand.

Organize easily and slide seamlessly

Say goodbye to static displays. Our Double Row Custom Stone Tile Rack Sliding shelves are designed for easy organization and a seamless sliding experience. Create visually stunning arrangements that allow customers to easily explore and appreciate the quality and variety of stone tiles.

Double Row Custom Stone Tile Rack Sliding Display Stand Rack

Durability meets custom elegance

Invest in lasting quality with our custom stone tile shelves. Designed with durability in mind, this rack will not only stand the test of time but also add a touch of custom elegance to your showroom. Sturdy construction and elegant design combine to create a display that is both durable and beautiful.

Transform your stone and tile display cabinets

Enhance your stone tile display with the elegant looking Double Row Custom Stone Tile Rack Sliding. It’s more than just a fixture; it’s the canvas for your tile display dreams. Give your customers a tailored, visually engaging experience that leaves a lasting impression and makes your stone tiles stand out in a world of elegance and customization.

Commodity Information

Material Metal, plastic, wood, mdf or custom
Size 300*600/600*600/800*800/900*900/600*1200/1200*2400 (Customized)
Color Black, white, grey etc or custom
Usage Advertising, display, exhibition, promotion for tile
Surface Treament Polishing, powder coating, painting etc or custom
Sample Cost 3 times of quotation
Sample Time 7~10 days
Production Time 20~30 days
Packing Use bubble pack, stretch film, strong export carton and, pallet packing

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