As a kind of high-grade architectural decoration material, stone is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration design.
The more common stone in the market is mainly divided into natural and artificial stone, marble and so on.
As a professional stone tile display rack manufacturer, the professional field of stone is mainly mastered in the field of stone display.
Today we will discuss the knowledge of stone display stand.

1. Stone Slabs

The dimension of stone slabs is generally 120CM*240CM or bigger, so the stone slabs display rack volume is relatively large, the floor area is correspondingly large, so the stability and durability is one of the most factory you need to concern during choosing stone racks.


2. Stone Specification Board Display Rack

For the fixed size of 600*600, according to the diversity and lightweight of the specification board, the pattern of stone specification board display rack is various, there are page turning, push and pull type, relying type, pull type, combined type, they have their own advantages, want to know these styles, please contact Boya, we will explain for you in detail.Tile Sample slot Ceramic display rack


3. Stone Stair Board Exhibition Rack

During display, we must make it look like the actual stairs, so that it can perfectly show the vision of the stair board, can let your stair board have a better display effect, and promote sales.

4. Small Stone Display Stand

a. Stone sample box

When the stone is cut into small pieces, the stone sample box will be used. These stone sample color blocks are beautiful and safe in the stone sample box. Stone sample box interior and structure is generally made of fiber sponge, not only can prevent the stone pieces before collision with each other, but also can maintain neat, not to show customers at random, and the external structure of the stone sample box is like a handbag will generally add a portable rod, so it is also known as stone sample box.

b. Stone sample book

Although the volume of the stone sample book is not as much as that of the stone sample box, its advantage is that you can print your logo and the content you want to express clearly on the book. It is also very convenient to hold, just like a heavy book, easy to carry.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to inquire in detail. You can contact our salesman at any time. We can make the sample proofing you want and help you design the design drawing.