Flip carpet sample merchandise display racks for showroom

Introduce our Flip carpet sample merchandise display racks,which is the ultimate solution to enhance retail space and fashion display carpet samples. Understanding how these multifunctional display racks are carefully designed and customized can enhance your product display.

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Flip carpet sample merchandise display racks for showroom


carpet sample merchandise display racks

Customized display solutions

Your business is unique, and your presentation should reflect this. Our sample display shelves offer customized options, allowing you to choose the size, layout, and finish that best suits your brand and product range. We believe in providing customized solutions that align with your vision and improve your retail environment.

Maximize product visibility

Our display rack has a 360 degree rotation function, ensuring that every angle of your carpet sample can be elegantly displayed. Customize your shelves and lighting options, create a unique display, maximize the impact of the product, and attract and attract customers.

Effortless Accessibility

The flip design simplifies the process of obtaining carpet samples, ensuring that your customers can easily view and feel each sample. Customizable shelf options further enhance accessibility and organization, making it easy for customers to explore and compare products.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our Flip carpet sample merchandise display racks is made of high-quality materials to meet the needs of busy retail environments. Precision manufacturing not only ensures an attractive appearance, but also ensures durability in serving your business in the coming years.

In conclusion,our Flip carpet sample merchandise display racks provides a customized dynamic solution that can enhance your product display. These display shelves emphasize personalization and top-notch quality, making them the perfect choice for businesses aimed at optimizing retail space and leaving a lasting impression on customers. Enhance your showroom through customized displays, reflecting the uniqueness of your brand.

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Material: 2.0mm thickness seamless steel, metal,wood,mdf,custom material
Panel size: 600*1200mm,customized
Size: W3110*D1500*H2578mm, customized
Color: Black, white, grey, etc or Custom
Usage: Advertising,  Display, Exhibition, Promotion for ceramic tile
Surface Treatment: Polishing, Powder Coating, Painting Etc or Custom
Sample Available
Sample Time: 1-2 weeks
Production Time: 3-4 weeks
Packing: Use bubble pack, stretch film, strong export carton and, pallet packing.