Meet the Team

With more than 10 experienced display racks designers, 2 own factory in Xiamen, and more than 14 years exporting experiences, Boya is able to finish the batch orders of tile racks, stone racks, carpet racks, wooden door racks, sample boards or books etc. Besides, we can provide you with OEM/ODM services. Because we optimize the process better, making us take into account the rate simultaneously, the production cost is lower.

Product Advantages

  • High temperature 300 degree paint baking surface treatment
  • Most of supplier use 1.0-1.2mm thickness metal , but we use 2.0mm thickness seamless steel which is the best material for metal display rack and durable for 10 years usage
  • 0mmthickness SS clip, it performances excellent in load-carrying and more durable, also the clip is very easy to assembly and replace.
  • For the board used in racks, we use the solid MDF, it acts good in bearing the strong impact force and the fine material looks more elegant for display.

Platform Advantages

  • More than 14 years racks exporting experiences
  • 2 factories and 10 production line, we focus on the display racksindustry since 2005.
  • Skilled designing team can provide you best solution for OEM/ODM services.
  • With sufficient experiences for all kinds of building products’racks, We are capable to provide you with the whole display racks design for your showroom or booth.

Why Choose Boya

Design and R&D Capability

Total of 10 R&D Personnel in Boya Display factory including ID, Mechanical & Electronic Engineers

Rapid Prototyping

Tiles display stand or other display 3~5 days of prototyping lead time

MFi Certification

Able to provide MFi Certified products- Boya tiles display rack

Quality Assured Products

Boya Display company has many years of experience in the design and development of a tiles display stand and other display.

High Efficiency Delivery Schedule

When we received the customer’s order, the purchase of raw materials and the mold are completed on the first month. Delivery completed at the end of the second month

Cost Effectiveness Solution

Because the our company has rich purchasing resources and management experience, so the purchase cost and production have been controlled effectively