Tiles are the first choice for flooring purposes from at least a decade or two. But today, these tiles aren’t just limited to a collection of a few different styles for flooring. These tiles have evolved and occupied the wall space and also the storage spaces. With an increase in different types and styles of tiling, there is an increase demand for tile display racks. And this demand is now fulfilled well with a number of different types of tile displays to suit the specific style and criteria of tiling.

In this article, today we shall discuss such 7 different types of tile displays for ready and convenient use.

Basic Tile Display Stand

The first most popular and commonly used type is the tile display stand. This is best for stocking all types of styles, including the bathroom, kitchen, flooring, walls, etc. The stand can stock a number of tiles at a time and in a continent style. You can stock different tiles in a rack form one above the other at the appropriate space given. This makes it convenient to displace the tiles, especially when you arrange them according to the color or pattern. The problem with this stand is that it can stock the basic standard sized tiles. Therefore, the tile display stand can be clearly used for most of the tiles but surely cannot be used for all of them. Another drawback is that you have to store each tile individually, which makes it space consuming.

Waterfall Tile Displays
Another famous and largely in use among the tile displays is the waterfall display rack. This rack is arranged vertically with tiles in the waterfall manner. This placement of tiling display helps to view a part of all the tiles at once, which gives a faint idea of the design. Moreover, the rack is space-saving. It displays the tiles without consuming much space as they are aligned one behind the other. However, even with the waterfall tile displays, the problem of storing just the standard size remains. This type of tile rack is convenient when you have arranged the tiling is a specific matching way.

Commercial Display Rack

The commercial display rack, as the name says, is friendly in commercial ways. In this display rack stand style, you can incorporate many different styles to make it one. The most common is the one wherein you turn over the tile samples like that of the pages of the book. This flipping style is very common, especially with the larger ones. The best part is that it does not acquire much space that helps in keeping the area space friendly and convenience in viewing the patterns with ease.

Cabinet Displays
One of the most common types of tile racks is the cabinet displays. This is a very convenient and handy type that saves a lot of space while storing many more samples of displays compared to others. The best part of this display is that it can stock tiles of any sizes and not only the standard ones. This helps to keep tiles as per the use in the sections like flooring, wall, kitchen, bathroom, terrace, etc. These days, the cabinet displays also come with the sliding method that helps with easy displaying of the samples.

Sliding Display Rack

This is one more style that is commonly used in everyday stores for displaying tiles. The sliding rack is commonly used for tiles that are larger in dimensions and not in standard 1 sq. Ft. size. These larger tiles convey a special design or style, which is better understood when you see them in entirety. And this is why stores stock them in the sliding display. This is a horizontally sliding method, wherein you check the tiles by sliding the front to the size. It also comes handy in comparing two different large tiles. It is used nowadays a lot, but to store large tiles, you need larger space. However, you can also incorporate the style with standard ones, but it isn’t convenient when compared to other types of tile displays.

Revolving Display Stand

Another interesting and innovative style of display rack stand is the revolving one. This is one of the latest styles and can be used with a number of different racks. The revolving display stand is useful if you are in a space crunch. The tiles in this rack are stored horizontally like the ones in the cabinets. The only difference is that it can revolve and so you can store more tiles in the display stand than any other style. However, the drawback is that it can be used for standard size of tiling only. This is because it can store a number of different samples, and it is better if you go for standard sizes for saving some of your space.

Shelving Tile Display

Finally, the last type of tile display rack is the shelving style. As the name specifies, this is the normal tiling displays and stored horizontally on shelves. They are normally sliding installed with this display style for helping the customers view the specific tiles. The shelving type can also collaborate with the rotating ones so that you can view the tiles clearly. The best feature of this style is that you do not have to rely only on the standard tiles to store. You can use it for any shape, size, and dimensions. This type of tile displays is best suited if you have compact space and have to store stock everything in a single rack or same side of the area.

These are the topmost 7 different types of tile display rack that you can use in everyday life. The best way to use a combination of two or three tiles to store different styles, patterns, and sizes of tiles. This helps in making the store space-friendly and helps in stocking different sizes with ease at different places.

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