During choosing the Tiles/granite/ Slabs Display Racks, base is one of the most important factor, the base structure and material decide the bearing capacity of the display and how many years you can use it.

There are regularly 3 base materials as follows in the market nowadays:

  1.  Stainless Steel Base

The appearance has silver luster,feel sooth and meticulous, good rust prevention, keep clear and new,  through advanced technology casting, anti-corrosion, wear-resisting, alkali-resisting, and has good physical performance.

stainless steel base railway

  1. Aluminum Film Base

Top aluminum film track in flat full series, use international raw material, strength bearing, high temperature polish and baking varnish technology, flat pull smoothly without collision, compare with stainless steel base, aluminum film base is high-end, easy to install and cover small area

  1. Aluminum Strip Base

Simple type aluminum strip track, fine exquisite workmanship, low cost, high cost performance, smooth and durable without collision, material is environmental protection, long working time

After checking the differences among 3 different material base of the tiles display racks, now you must already have the idea which material is the best for your tiles/slabs samples.

As a professional display racks manufacturer with over 16 years experiences, we will share more knowledge about the display racks in future, hope those information will be helpful for you.